Artist’s Statement


As an artist, I strive to evoke emotions through my subject matter,

some of which can be quite dark and bizarre, and  I defy all rules that dictate

how and what I should create by society.  To me, every stroke and

choice of color come from within and have been sparked by emotion, which is what art

is all about to me – emotion – that of the artist and the spectator.


My Bio


In 1973 I married a wonderful military man and left the

effervescence of New York to accompany him to Europe.  There I

began my 21-year career as a dedicated military spouse in the U.S.

Air Force.  Concurrently, I launched my college adjuncting career

with City Colleges of Chicago at Zaragoza Air Force Base in Spain.


In 1992 I opened an antiques and collectibles business before

transitioning into real estate in 2006.


In 2012 I moved to Asheville, NC and discovered the exciting field

of hospitality for which to work.   


In 2017 it was time to move to Florida and help out with family matters.