my statement

I avoid realism in most of my paintings creating some of my best

work by defying all things conservative and throwing the rules

to the wind.   My sketchy line drawings  evoke very strong responses, as

they can be very grotesque, erotic, and bizarre at times – for which I

make no apology.   Subjects of my photography rarely appear as they

were photographed.  I digitally manipulate an image until I form an

abstraction of sort to lend more interest to the eye.


about my sketchy line drawings

I see the human soul in the face, with the eyes mirroring every

emotion known to man.  I title many of my images on what the

eyes reveal to me when I have finished the drawing. I create

with pen, charcoal, graphite, inks, paints, colored pencils

and /or paint pens.  Then I photograph the image and alter the

hues, saturation and brightness until I get the desired effect best

complementing both the image and emotion I am trying to



about my paintings

 There is nothing representational in any of my work.  My goal is to

continuously elicit strong emotional responses.  Whether my work

sells or not is of no importance to me; a strong reaction is all I seek.


 about my photography

Although I favor black and white, I am more inclined to shoot in

color and then totally change the photograph by manipulating

its hues, contrasts and saturation to achieve an unusual effect. 

At times, I see the inversion of a picture being visually exciting,

while other images lending themselves to digital dissection only

to be reconstructed into abstract images claiming their own

visual purpose.  I am more inclined to radically change an

image to “hint at what is” rather than leave it untouched and