Artist’s Statement


As an artist, I strive to evoke emotions through my subject matter,

some of which can be quite dark and bizarre, and  I defy all rules that dictate

how and what I should create by society.  To me, every stroke and

choice of color come from within and have been sparked by emotion, which is what art

is all about to me – emotion – that of the artist and the spectator.


My Bio


In 1973 I married a wonderful military man and left the

effervescence of New York to accompany him to Europe.  There I

began my 21-year career as a dedicated military spouse in the U.S.

Air Force.  Concurrently, I launched my college adjuncting career

with City Colleges of Chicago at Zaragoza Air Force Base in Spain.


In 1992 I opened an antiques and collectibles business before

transitioning into real estate in 2006.


In 2012 I moved to Asheville, NC and discovered the exciting field

of hospitality for which to work.   


In 2017 it was time to move to Florida and help out with family matters. 


And here we are in 2021 – the second year of COVID.   

Furloughed from both jobs (hospitality and education) since March 2020,

I am spending more time in my studio than I have in many years

creating works that reflect the emotions of the times 

– chaos, division, hatred, and fear.